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As the weather turns cold and winter arrives in large parts of the UK such as Wembley, people get anxious about their heating system. They start to wonder if they should service or even replace their boiler.

Many home-owners have a boiler system that comprises of a hot water cylinder. They often suffer from the misconception that should they decide to get a new boiler installation, they will have to adopt a combi system that does not use stored hot water. Contrary to popular belief, when you upgrade the system to a condensing boiler, you do not need to discard the cylinder.

Advantages of having a cylinder

Perhaps the biggest advantage of possessing a hot water cylinder is that it can supply many outlets simultaneously without losing any pressure. If you have multiple bathrooms or a big family, having a cylinder system is a good idea.

Boilers that work on cylinders are less complex than combi boilers. If you need any repairs they will be easier and cheaper.

If you want to utilise the benefit of solar hot water heating, you will need a cylinder. It enables you to store water that is heated during the day.

Take stock of your needs

Before moving forward with the replacement, assess your hot water needs. Ask any heating engineer – if you have a small property that has a single bathroom, it is better to go for a combi boiler as opposed to a hot water storage cylinder.

A cylinder is an ideal choice when you have a large house and many bathrooms. Cylinders are available in a host of sizes. In case you are running out of hot water on a regular basis, it is time to get a bigger cylinder.

Types of cylinders

There are many types of cylinders – single coil, dual coil, vented and unvented. A vented cylinder draws water from a separate cold water tank that is situated in the loft. The water is heated by a regular boiler. Unvented cylinders have sealed systems where the water is delivered from the mains.